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Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech

What are 5 Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech?

As if planning a timed assault on your productivity – in demand of better wages and vacation benefits – your system halts.  Maybe you see the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”.  Or,  your application stops working. Next, come prayers of mercy and hopes that the project that you’ve been working on all day is still intact.

What can you do to minimize the occurrence of such incidents? And, how to minimize the damage done if an inevitable crash does occur?  Here are 5 Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech

1. Is my Hardware Viable? Is it upgradeable?  Are upgrades necessary?

Oftentimes, a client asks me to upgrade outdated hardware. In other cases, clients may be anxious to simply buy a cheap replacement computer in order to solve performance problems. However, depending on the situation, neither of these options may be an adequate solution. Rather, the staff’s usage habits may inadvertently expose network computers.

Consequently, your office staff may be exposing your network to viruses, Spyware, Trojan horses, Adware, Junkware. What’s more, you may even experience a horrible Ransomware virus like WannaCry. Additionally, new replacement computers often have bloatware preinstalled on them. Hence, the point is to inform you so you spend your money wisely.

Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech2. Is Windows stable/regularly maintained/efficient?

I know this is a multipart question. But, all of these issues will weigh heavily on the computer efficiency. Thus, if not addressed, your staff will experience increased wait times during various computer tasks effectively reducing office efficiency. However, after correcting these problems, we can maximize your staff’s potential.  Of course, we do this cost-effectively within the constraints of your current system.

Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech
AntiVirus Software

3. Am I protected from Spyware and Viruses?

Specifically, are you using Antivirus and Anti-Spyware that is both current and providing adequate protection?  Does your solution offer Malicious Website Blocking?  As mentioned in the hardware viability section, this is an issue that can cost you $$ in productivity and time lost – in addition to possibly compromising your data integrity and overall system security.Do not wait to learn a painful lesson here, be proactive & GET GREAT PROTECTION.


Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech
Cloud Backup Options

4. Is my Backup Functioning and Providing Adequate Protection?

  1. Do you have a backup that runs regularly?
  2. How many days of backup do you retain?
  3. Is this sufficient for compliance in your industry?
  4. How long will it take to recover your data when you need it?
  5. If there is a major system crash… how will this affect your business (a question for you) in terms of money/time lost?

This cost could potentially be in the thousands of dollars -depending on your business. Therefore, it is important to consider the type and amount of backup protection you require.

Questions to Ask Your Computer Tech
Business IT Support

5. Is my Workstation, Server and Network security good enough for my office?

Maybe you have an adequate, up-to-date firewall, whether it is a personal or hardware firewall. However, if you are unsure, test your level of firewall protection by clicking this link.  Additionally, run vulnerability assessments on each office network device. Because, just one unsecured device or network component can make the whole network vulnerable. Therefore, CCS offers reasonably priced solutions that will allow you to get full protection and system reliability.

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