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Critical Software Updates

System Stability and Security

One of the most overlooked performance problems for office networks is Critical Software Updates.  Sure, you could ignore this important maintenance procedure, but trouble will inevitably follow.

It’s difficult to make a blanket statement about how often your any business should update their systems, but one thing is for sure, the chance of big problems greatly increases by neglecting this updates.  This is especially true the longer your system is out of date.

What Should you Update?

  1. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office using Windows Update.
  2. Antivirus software. -Update both the program and its virus definitions
  3. Anti-Spyware – Also update both program and virus definitions
  4. Firewall
  5. Regularly Used Applications
  6. Drivers and Firmware when necessary


Activate Automatic Updates

Where available, schedule regular automatic updates -especially Critical Software Updates on Windows, MS Office & AntiVirus.  Other software may have to be manually updated via the manufacturer’s website but security related applications should be updated most often generally as soon as available.

Applications may not have to be updated immediately, depending on the issues solved, however they are usually HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And if you need support on an application, the manufacturer support will often require you to install them before they provide any assistance.

We will typically outline an update solution that is as automated as possible.  This minimizes the need for follow-up visits and improves security and stability.

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