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Solving computer issues for NYC & Metro NJ since 2000

Office Computer Network Solutions and Data Backup Services

For Better Productivity

We’ve been providing Business IT Services since 2000, and we know the difference a properly designed system can make in your business’ efficiency. We specialize in:

  • Software – Windows, Mac, Linux and Applications
  • Network – Optimum network communication is critical to an office IT systems’ functioning properly.
  • Hardware –  the foundation of IT is its hardware, so quickly identifying a hardware problem is often the first step in Troubleshooting IT Problems.
  • Data Organization – properly organized data is easier to find and work with, so when done properly, can boost productivity.
  • Security – from antivirus & antispyware systems to firewalls, we provide comprehensive, yet simple designs for your protection.
  • VoIP Telephone Systems – Business-Class Telephone systems, that are full featured & easily customizable to your business’ needs.
  • Cloud Backup – simply and automatically backup your critical business files using a secure, redundant backup service which eliminates the risk of data loss.

Top Level Engineers

We utilize top level engineers to support our staff so that we can provide our clients withBetter Business Information Technology, constantly improving their systems.

We are quickly able to get to the root of your most complex computer problems and resolve them in a timely manner so that you can get back to business.


Providing Training

Business IT Support

Better Business Information Technology may require staff training, and we will happily provide it.  Of course, our goal is providing a simple, organized, smoothly working system.  As a result, this will increase productivity by allowing faster access to your data and efficient use of technology.

Our final product will offer improved:

  • Organization
  • Standardization
  • Simplification

At Corporate Computer Solutions of NY, Inc., our goal is to increase the productivity of your office. So, we do this by pushing your hardware and software to the next level.  In addition, we can provide training, recommend system usage policies, software, and hardware. Of course, each service is tailored to your business’ needs & budget.

Improving Computer System Efficiency

No one wants their expensive computer systems to be oversized, dust collecting, paperweights.  And our customers have learned, first hand, that improving their system’s efficiency results in a potentially-great overall cost-savings to their business.

Our customers– law offices, medical offices, personal offices and union offices — all have improved efficiency because of our philosophy of Better Business Information Technology.

Specialized & Custom Software Support.  Even for Problems that “No One Will Touch”

If there is a problem, there is always a solution… and we love to solve (even the difficult) problems for our clients.

Call us at (212) 500-6032 or use our Request Information form for a free consultation.
We look forward to solving your IT Problems!