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Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud Backup SolutionsCloud Backup Solutions is often referred to as Offsite Backup.  This is a service that provides better protection, with less worry than on-site backup products and services.

Why We Love our Cloud Backup Solutions

Offsite Backup is great for a number of reasons.  Here are a few:

  • No Buying or Managing Backup Media
    • Backup storage media are typically large external hard drives or more commonly, for small to medium businesses, tape backup media.
    • Tape media is fairly expensive
    • Regularly performed Tape media checks, inspecting for wear, and replaced when damaged.
    • Store and Rotate Numerous tapes according to a backup schedule
    • Successful Backups need to be stored off-site, in case of a fire, flood or other catastrophes that could destroy equipment and backup copies of your data
    • Data Backups (even successful ones) degrade over time and may fail when restoral is attempted
  • Simple Scheduling – Backup Schedules are simple to configure and require minimal oversite
  • Data Restores are Easy – just select the version of the file you want, based on the dates it was backed up, and choose which folder to restore the file to.
    • Searching for the correct Tape Backup is no longer necessary
    • Backup Integrity is highly dependable
  • Inexpensive – Remote Backup is Less Expensive to Operate for Most Small Businesses than On-Site Backups.

Cloud Backup Solutions

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How our Cloud Backup Solutions Works

A small program runs in the background on your computer or server, periodically running a scheduled backup job.  Periodically, the backup looks at all the files in the backup list and checks to see what files changed since the last backup. Next, all of the modified files are compressed, encrypted, and copied to a temporary local folder.

Finally, the smaller, secure copies of your files transmitted across the Internet and stored on the secure remote server. As an extra protection, a duplicate copy of each encrypted file is sent to another location where a second backup is maintained. Consequently, this provides fantastic data protection, whether there is a catastrophe at the remote backup location or in your office.

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